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The 1980's


1987: On July 17th, Chuck and Karen Elmore (of Sunbury, Ohio), owners of Ohio's most popular dun stallion of his day, Two D's Buck, invite buckskin and dun owners to meet Richard and Dolores Kurzeja and learn about starting a charter of the International Buckskin Horse Association.


1988: On January 1st, the Ohio State Buckskin Association is incorporated as a non-profit organization and is officially chartered by IBHA.


1988: OSBA's first IBHA show is held on April 30th, with 17 horses showing.


The 1990's


1990: The first Tri-State show is held in Indiana, sponsored by OSBA, MABA, and GLBA.


1990: OSBA sends their first Youth Team to the Dunarama World Show; Shannon Beaudry and Pets Miss Jet won Reserve World Champion YA English Showmanship and Top Ten awards in eight events.


1991: The first blanket entry fee ($17 per judge for YA exhibitors) is adopted by OSBA.


1991: OSBA sends their first Queen candidate, Michelle DeLong, of Wapakoneta, Ohio.


1992: The first OSBA handbook is produced "in house" as a fundraiser.


1992: The first Ohio State Fair IBHA show is held; Michelle Bone and Favorite Ant Marie win High Point trophies in both Open and YA divisions; Mr Skipper Sir, owned by Ava Gardner, wins three  High Point titles: Dun Factor, Barrel Racing, and Pole Bending.


1992: The OSBA Youth Team wins the Stall Decorating Contest and the Team Tournament, taking 33 World and Reserve World Champion titles; High Point Youth was Shannon Beaudry, and Reserve High Point Youth was Michelle Bone.


1993: OSBA holds three successful fundraisers: and Interstate Safety Break in January, a tack auction in February, and the Youth running the concessions at the World Show.


1993: The Youth Team wins the Team Tournament for the second year in a row, with repeat High Point and Reserve High Point Youths in Shannon Beaudry and Michelle Bone.


1993: OSBA promotes IBHA horses at the first Equine Affaire held in Dayton, Ohio with an exhibit and breed demonstration.


1994: OSBA introduces the Yearling Longe Line class, promoting it to IBHA as a point class.


1995: OSBA commissions an original full-color art print, "Buckman's Gold" by Evelyn Pierson, and sells numbered and signed copies as a fundraiser.


1996: OSBA holds the first "Red, White, & Buckskin" circuit, drawing nearly 1,400 entries.


1997: OSBA's Queen candidate, Michelle DeLong, returns after six years to win the Miss Buckskin World title.


1998: OSBA holds the first NSBA classes at an IBHA show.


The 2000's


2000: Ohio's Governor and First Lady visit OSBA's booth at Equine Affaire.


2001: OSBA's Queen candidate, Teah Kirby, wins the Miss Buckskin World title.


2001: The "Red, White, & Buckskin" circuit becomes a four day circuit for the first time.


2002: OSBA founding member, Larry Krugh, becomes an NSBA Area Director and liaison to IBHA.


2004: OSBA is accepted as an affiliate to the Ohio Quarter Horse Association.


2004: The OSBA Youth Team, advised by Dora Moore, wins both the Team Tournament and Stall Decorating Contest.  Members include Corey Grandstaff, Katie Guinsler, Kathryn Hall, Amy Ketring, Carly Kidner, Brook Lee, Dustin Mallory, Kelsey Padgett, Colton Pickrell, Paxton Pickrell, and Nikki Weate.


2005: OSBA founding member, Ted Handel, is named President of IBHA.


2008: OSBA holds the first AQHA Introductory Show hosted by an IBHA Charter and AQHA Affiliate


The 2010's


2014: Former OSBA Youth Team member and Queen Carly Kidner was named the All-American Quarter Horse Congress Queen

2014: Carly Kidner is named Miss Rodeo Ohio.

2016: OSBA's Queen candidate, Emily Powell, wins the Miss Buckskin World title.

2017: Longtime OSBA members George and Marilyn Anders are posthumously inducted into the IBHA Hall of Fame, along with the late gelding Scooter Gulch, who was a cornerstone of the OSBA Youth Team for many years. 

2017: OSBA's Queen candidate, Kate Memmen, wins the Miss Buckskin World title.

2018: Former OSBA Youth Team member and charter queen Corie Moore wins 3rd overall at the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition.

2019: OSBA's Queen candidate, Victoria Devore, wins the Miss Buckskin World title.

2020: Corie Moore wins the Champion title at the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

2021: OSBA's Queen candidate, Kaleigh Courtock, wins the Miss Buckskin World title.

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